Tahiti Ora is a Dance School and a Polynesian Entertainment Company based on the beautiful Island of Tahiti. Founded in February 2008 and directed by Tumata Robinson, Tahiti Ora's is one of the most prominent Ori Tahiti dance group in Polynesia.

The daughter of an American Navigator and a Sino-Tahitian Mother, Tumata Robinson is a well establish icon of Ori Tahiti. She first started dancing in her early ages with “Paulina” Dance Group where she was initiated to all the techniques of traditional Otea and Aparima skills. At the age of 21, she founded her own dance group, called “Tumata Tahiti”.

In 1984, the group performed in the Heiva, and won Best Costumes during the competition…Since then, she has performed, taught, and designed costumes for some of the most popular Tahitian dance groups (O Tahiti E), winning 2 consecutive “Heiva” competition and most recently was the President and co-founder of Les Grand Ballets of Tahiti. 

With Tahiti Ora, it is a new beginning. You will journey into their fabulous South Pacific Culture, their History, their Passion of the "Ori Tahiti", with respect to our Polynesian traditions.

With always more majestic costumes, and stunning choreographies, you will see some of the most exciting and spectacular shows.

Tahiti Ora embodies a real philosophy of life. "Ora" in Tahitian means "Life", a life marked with beauty, and powerful and elaborate dancing. Well known for their dance techniques, Tahiti Ora is probably the group with the largest wardrobe of hand crafted costumes. 

The group is composed of 50 permanent artists (female and male dancers, musicians, singers), most having already acquired a solid dance and stage experience, through local performances in Tahiti and international tours in Japan, France and China (Shanghai 2010 Universal Expo).

Tahiti Ora performs every weekend at the hotel Le Meridien Resort on the Island of Tahiti.

Mauruuru Roa!